South Eaton Place

This is prime Belgravia. There are one or two family houses, but South Eaton Place has large houses which have mainly been divided into flats.

Most of the houses have fully stuccoed facades and are 4 or 5 storeys high.

On the west side at the south end, there are some brick-faced facades (at least above ground level). There are some larger 6 storey houses with attractive first floor balconies at the north end of the street.

No. 11 South Eaton Place on the east side has a particularly pretty flower display. No. 18 on the west side is unusual in having two ‘Blue Plaques’. These commemorate two former residents: Viscount Cecil of Chelwood (1864 – 1958), one of the creators of the League of Nations; and Philip Noel-Baker (1889 – 1982) an Olympic sportsman and a campaigner for disarmament.

A particularly imposing house is Chantry House on the east side of the street, on the corner with Chester Row. this was built in the late 1980s with a very elegant Doric porch and urns on either side. The architects were John Simpson & Partners.