Middle Street and Surrounding Streets

No. 23 Middle Street is a late-Victorian former warehouse, in yellow brick with red brick for the curved lintels of the windows, and its original lifting gear still in place, which now contains 10 flats.

No. 22 is a narrow warehouse building, painted brown and with modern wooden doors, which has a penthouse at the top. Residential premises all seem to be on the north side of the street.

No. 18-21 Middle Street is another warehouse where the upper parts have been converted into a large number of flats, and it has attractively large metal windows.

Behind Middle Street, in Newbury Street, another large former warehouse has seven flats, including a penthouse, on the floors above ground level. The facade is covered in glazed tiles: brown with green banding at ground floor level, mainly white above, but with green tiles above the windows. It is all rather splendid. Nos. 13 to 15 Newbury Street have serviced apartments in a former warehouse building of late Victorian period with large white windows.

There are more flats in a ‘70s building at 7-9 Kinghorn Street, which runs between Cloth Fair and Middle Street. The building has Kinghorn Street and Bartholomew Passages as its two sides and is built in dark brown brick with a profusion of bays, one on top of the other, each one further out than the one below. In fact, it is rather in the shape of a boat – an impression presumably intended to be flagged for the unobservant by the flag pole sticking out of the narrow front onto Cloth Fair like a sailing boat’s bowsprit. The residential part of the building seems to be mainly on the Kinghorn Street corner.

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