Making arrangements for leaving when you sell your property

You need to take these steps around the time you move into your new home:


You need to arrange for the meters to be ‘read’ for the completion date, so that you get the bill up to that date. You may want to take your telephone number with you to your new property. You would need to line that up between exchange of contracts and completion.

Change of address

You can fill in a form at the Post Office which will cause your post to be transferred from your old address to your new one. You need to make sure that your driving licence, car tax and ownership details are updated.

Council tax

You need to inform the local council that you are selling, so that they will cancel your liability for council tax and work out what is due to or from you.

What you must do on the moving date

You should leave all the keys with your estate agents and tell them these must be released to the buyers once your solicitors have confirmed they can do so. (This will normally be when they have either received the money from the buyers’ solicitors or had confirmation that it is in the banking system.)

You should remember to leave instruction booklets to work the oven, the central heating or anything else, and in particular you should leave the password for the alarm system and instructions on how to work it.