Leyden Street

In Leyden Street, Brody House has a very Art Deco look to it with a series of tall and wide windows in a rendered facade, and it contains 31 flats. It looks as if a couple of storeys of penthouses were added later on top, at a slight angle. Brody House runs right through onto Bell Lane. There it has five main storeys above the ground floor level on one side, and two on the other, and that’s where two or three new penthouse flats have been added to balance it out. I think another one has been added above the fifth residential floor on the main wing as well.

There’s a definite Leyden Street style, because the next building, St Clement’s House at No. 12, also with a painted rendered façade, has an even more Art Deco feel about it. This is quite an extravagant building, with curved windows and even more dramatically curving and spiralling floors at the top, which may have been created later. I think this is a fabulous looking building; unfortunately the view isn’t great.

St Clement’s House goes right round to Cobb Street, and then onto Bell Lane. St Clement’s House has three main storeys about ground floor and then two levels of penthouses above that and it contains 37 flats.

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