Horbury Mews

Horbury Mews is the most popular residential mews in Notting Hill by a long way. It was built in 1877-8 on the grounds of a former market garden. It is a wide cobbled place, twice as wide as a normal mews. Nos. 1-4 on the west side and Nos. 9-12 on the east side are virtually identical in construction, although some houses have been altered subsequently. Each house has a garage at ground floor level, and most of these still retain the opening double wooden doors, not the horrible up-and-over metal ones many mews have. Next to the garage is a narrow front door. Above, is a single storey with a cornice or parapet above that, and then there are some additional rooms in the sloping tiled roof.

Some houses, such as Nos. 2 and 10, are double- fronted, with living room windows on either side of the main door. Others are single-width. They all have the same style of window heads, created by placing rubbed bricks on edge, and they all have painted brickwork.

Nos. 5-8 is a terrace which is surmounted in the middle by a large triangular pediment headed ‘Horbury Mews 1878’. The houses look very much the same as the previous terraces, but this terrace is not painted but bare brick, revealing that the shaped bricks in the window arches are multi-coloured, which is an attractive effect. Many of the houses have tubs for shrubs or plants outside but are kept quite close to the houses behind the council’s yellow lines.

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