Gerald Road

Gerald Road contains terraces of stucco-fronted houses, mainly 5 storeys high. One particular feature of the streets is the eye-catching street lamps.

Sir Noel Coward (author, composer and actor) lived at No. 17 on the south side from 1930 to 1956 and adapted it so he could hold theatrical events at home.

Nos. 11 and 13 have particularly attractive front gardens with hedges in front. No. 1 has an interesting arch.

The Old Police Station – so-called because it was the local police station from 1846 to 1993 – was converted into a magnificent private house, with pretty first floor balconies and French windows, in 1993. It was officially ‘opened’ by Sir Paul Condon, the Metropolitan Commissioner of Police, in 1993. Ronnie Biggs, the Great Train robber, spent one night here. Nowadays the proceeds of the robbery wouldn’t be enough to buy the place.