Chepstow Road

The two sides of Chepstow Road (south of Talbot Road) must have been designed and built by the same builder because they each have a central section of houses facing each other, with sunken pilasters, with elaborate flowery heads running up the first and second storeys of the facades. On the east side, the terrace starts at No. 22 and runs up to No. 66, and the western terrace starts at No. 7 and runs up to No. 51.

Many of the houses on the east side and some on the west side are similar to the houses in Artesian Village, with a distinctive metal framework for ground and first floor balconies and in place of traditional pillars for the porches. No. 11 upwards on the west side are mainly flat-fronted houses on four storeys (including basements) with front gardens. Further up on the east, there are flats above shops.

North of Talbot Road, on the east side, there is a range of much larger Victorian houses from No. 82 to No. 100 which are on basement ground and three upper storeys. The upper storeys are in bare brick with white painted window surrounds, and some of the houses have rooms in the mansard roof.

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