Arundel Gardens

Arundel Gardens consists of two sets of facing terraces which were constructed in 1862 to 1863. The range of houses on the north side are Nos. 2-50. (Nos. 2-6 are physically in Kensington Park Road.) Edwin Ware was the builder of Nos. 2-14. Builders of other houses in the range included G W Simmonds and Leonard Cowling.

These are four storey houses (including basements). The basement flats are set a decent distance back from the area wall, and then there are steps up to a porticoed front entrance, which has a canted bay for the ground floor windows next to it. Decorative iron railings run on top of the portico and the bay, and two sets of sash windows open onto them. The window surrounds are elaborately decorated with half sunken pillars and a profusion of entwined flowers in plasterwork. The second-floor windows above have an almost violin-like shape to them. The third-floor windows are normal square-headed windows but with just a hint of the violin shape at the bottom. There is a cornice running along the top of the facade, but mansard rooms have been constructed in the sloping roof above that. The houses are all stuccoed and painted in various colours.

The houses on the south side are Nos. 1-47 (odd). The builder, William Wheeler, constructed most of them. These houses have the same number of storeys as those on the west side but are rather different in design. The porches are deeper, but the houses don’t have bays. There is no continuous balcony along the front of the building, but there is a balcony above the porch, although it’s inconveniently positioned for anyone to actually get out on to it.

The houses are mainly stuccoed with horizontal lines suggesting stonework up to ground floor level, and then bare brick above, although the window surrounds are painted white. The windows were mainly traditional rectangles with architraves supported by brackets. The original Nos. 43-47 were later demolished and replaced by Arundel Court, a cream-painted, post-war building, which contains 21 flats.

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