Arranging your physical move when you have bought a property

Removal companies offer very little in the way of compensation for damage they do, and they don’t carry much insurance either. For instance, many removal companies try to impose conditions under which you can only make a claim for anything lost or damaged if you notify the loss within an extremely short period.

When insurance is provided, it is often limited to a relatively small amount, which is hardly worth having if an antique vase or your plasma TV is damaged. They only need a van and a Yellow Pages entry to be in business. There are many sharks who may let you down and then fall back on terms of business which get them out of responsibility. So, only use an established reputable company. There is a British Association of Removers who can recommend removers in your area.

You should book your removals well in advance. If you are completing on a Friday – which is the traditional day for property completions – you may find that all the available slots have already been taken. S

So, check with your intended removal company just before you exchange contracts that they have availability on the proposed completion date, then immediately book the date when exchange takes place.

Cats and dogs are territorial animals and your old home is their territory. So, it will be traumatic for them to move to a new property. There will be a tendency for them to go out and look for their old territory.

So, have them wear collars with name tags with your contact details (at least for the first few weeks).