Arrangements for living at a new address

These are practical steps you need to take before or immediately after you move into your new home.

Mail forwarding

You can fill in a form at the Post Office which will cause your post to be transferred from your old address to your new one. You want to make sure the sellers do the same, so that you are not endlessly forwarding letters to them.

TV licence

You should make sure that you have a television licence for your TV at your new property.

Car details

You need to make sure that your driving licence, car tax and ownership details are updated.


If there are any parking restrictions or you need a residents’ parking permit, you should sort that out with the local council office and make sure that any paperwork is completed.

Council tax

You need to register with the local council for payment of council tax which will start from the date you take up occupation.

Electoral roll

You should ensure that your details have been added to the electoral roll so that you can vote in local and general elections.