Aldridge Road Villas

North of Westbourne Park Road, Aldridge Road Villas has Nos. 1-53 on the east side and Nos. 2-48A on the west side. These are mainly semi-detached houses on four main storeys with additional rooms in the mansard roofs. They are all brick faced with canted bays up to second-floor level and windows with rounded heads above the side entrances. (In some cases, the construction differs so that the entrances are in the middle.)

On the west side, after No. 8 is Aldridge Court, which is a flat-roofed 1960s building on four storeys, containing 8 flats. The original buildings begin again with Nos. 20 and 22 which are stuccoed semi-detached houses with paired central entrances, and with No. 24 attached to it. Apart from that, the houses proceed regularly up the road on either side with attractive trees in the front areas of many of the houses.

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